What is Flock Freight

What is Flock Freight and How It Works?

What is Flock Freight

What is Flock Freight

Get to know the easy-to-use platform for large-scale shipping with Flock Freight. Learn how to save money on your shipments and make transportation more efficient!

Looking for an easier and more cost-effective way to ship large items? Flock Freight is the perfect platform for freight forwarding, helping you save money and make every shipment more efficient. Learn what makes Flock Freight so special, as well as how it works!

What is Flock Freight

What is Flock Freight?

Flock Freight is a revolutionary digital platform that makes it easy to ship large items like furniture, appliances, and manufacturing parts.

Our advanced logistics services allow for greater control over costs and time spent on transportation.

We provide a single unified shipment experience so you can save money, increase efficiency, and get the perfect fit for your needs.

How Does Flock Freight Work?

Flock Freight works by connecting to a network of carriers for large-scale shipments.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account and select the item size and shipping destination.

After that, you’ll enter the details of your shipment and Flock Freight will deliver real-time quotes from

our top-rated carriers so you can easily compare prices and services.

Once you select the option that works best for you, we’ll take care of the entire process—from

pickup to payment—so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive on time with minimal effort.

What Are the Benefits of Flock Freight?

With Flock Freight, you can save time and money on all your large-scale shipments.

Our platform offers cost savings by eliminating hidden fees, reducing shipping expenses for large shipments by up to 30%, providing real-time quotes from top-rated carriers, and allowing you to quickly compare services and prices.

Additionally, we make the entire process as simple as possible—from pickup to payment—so you can trust that your shipment will arrive on time and with minimum effort.

How Can I Track My Shipments with Flock Freight?

With Flock Freight, tracking your shipments is easy.

Once you’ve booked your shipment, you can log into your account to view status updates and estimated arrival times for each shipment.

Additionally, our platform offers real-time tracking with GPS locations, allowing you to monitor the progress of

your package during transit and have peace of mind knowing that your freight is being tracked by the best available carriers.

What are the Limitations of Using Flock Freight?

While you can book large-scale shipments with Flock Freight, there are some limitations to what we can ship.

Certain items, such as certain hazardous materials, live animals, and weapons are prohibited from being shipped through our platform.

Additionally, shipments containing perishable items or items that require temperature control tend to have limited availability due to the specialized care needed for these kinds of deliveries.

You will want to check with your carrier prior to booking any of these item types just in case they are capable of accommodating them.

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